Self Defence and Basic Aikido Course

When: Starting Thursday 11th October 2017
Where: Lido Winchester
Time: 8:15 PM
Cost: £5.00 for 5 Weeks
For further details and to register interest please either email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., fill in the Contact Us form or telephone 01962 883282. Come along and join us for this fun and informative course. Wear loose fitting clothing - tracksuit bottoms and an old T shirt will be fine.
Some words of wisdom from Claire Gould, our Ladies Self Defence Instructor:
'For self defence I suppose the most important point to emphasise is to use one's common sense and avoid getting into risky situations - with any form of physical confrontation being an absolute last resort, after you've given up your bag/screamed/tried to run away. 
There's the list of passive self defence points we put together for our courses:
  • avoid walking home late alone and always making sure someone knows where you are.
  • do not accept lifts from people you don't know etc. 
  • keep your mobile charged up and handy - but out of sight. You can send a text silently, even if you can't talk on the phone. The emergency services do try to trace and respond to silent 999 calls.
Always trust your instincts; if a person/situation feels wrong to you then you shouldn't hesitate to walk away. I think it would be worth saying that taking precautions isn't about feeling fearful, it's about feeling confident when you're out and about.
And if you do decide to take a self defence course, and enjoy it, it's worth continuing to train as you'll quickly forget even basic techniques very quickly after finishing a course. The techniques you will learn are designed to work whatever your size/strength compared to an aggressor and don't require great athletic ability.'

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Getting started

The best and easiest way to start training is to just come along and join in a session. We have enough experienced people to ensure that you are in very safe hands and will have a gentle introduction to which ever art you start.