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Winchester Judo and Martial Arts Club

Hyde Church Lane, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 7DZ

We are a friendly club that offers practice in a number of Japanese martial arts in a dedicated full time dojo.

The club has a long tradition of producing very capable students of both Judo and Aikido. In recent years we have also established another class offering instruction in the Katori Shinto Ryu school of classical swordsmanship.

With our dedicated Dojo we offer a wide range of classes for both beginners and advanced students, young and old. Qualified instructors bring a large amount of experience that makes the sessions both fun and safe.

Please take the time to browse this site to get an idea of what the club offers and feel free to contact us to arrange a time to come along.

Winchester Judo & Martial Arts Club

Winchester Judo & Martial Arts Club Instructors

3rd Dan Aikido

Paul Munns

4th Dan Aikido

Francis Burgess

1st Dan Aikido

Ian Newbury

3rd Dan Aikido

Claire Gould

1st Dan Judo

John Rogers

1st Dan Judo

Dan Merritt

2nd Dan Judo Coach

Alan Chivers

1st Dan Katori

Mark Allen

3rd Dan, Senior & Junior Judo Coach

Glen Judd

3rd Dan Aikido, 2nd Dan Katori Shinto Ryu

Jason Salter

1st Dan Aikido

Ewan Craig

1st Dan Aikido

Paul Du Plessis-Smith