Katori Shinto Ryu

The Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu is a classical style of swordsmanship that was founded in 1447 by a man named Iizasa Chosai Ienao. It consists of a number of different skills such as sword, staff, halberd, spear and the combined use of the long and short sword.
The style that is practiced at Winchester is that of the Sugino style, with the current head instructor being Yukihiro Sugino based in Kawasaki, Japan. Yukihiro Sugino inherited the dojo from his father Yoshio Sugino.
The instructors at the Winchester dojo have been taught both by Sugino sensei and some of his top European students in France, Switzerland and the UK.
A typical session will include the practice of maki-uchi, the distinctive cutting style associated with the school. It will progress onto yoko-men-uchi, cutting from the side with the sword while moving off the line of attack.
The above picture was taken of a student of ours wearing reproduction Samurai armour in our dojo; the image then had  a little post production tweaking.
Photo Courtesy of Mark Allenmedia.
Katori practice between students is done with wooden weapons (as below); katana are only used in Iaido training (sword drawing and cutting kata). Safety is always a primary concern of ours.
We currently work with four weapons: Bokken, Bo-staff, Naginata and Iaito
All Katori lessons involve training with Bokken (wooden sword)
If you are interested in learning more about this faciniating martial art, please complete the short contact form below:
The images below were taken from a typical Katori lesson, using the bokken. 
Photos Courtesy of Mark Allenmedia.

We recently had the opportunity to train at the Bishop of Winchester's Palace. Please don't get too excited at this prospect as it is very unusual! 

Photos Courtesy of Mark Allenmedia.

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